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  • Trey Noland

Biden-Harris Administration Announces $7,830,500 in Brownfield Grants to Rehabilitate and Revitalize Communities in Alabama

Alabama received nearly $8M in funding in the latest round of Brownfield Assessment and Cleanup Grant awards for FY2024. Congratulations to the following applicants:

  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management: $2,000,000 Community-wide Assessment

  • Craig Field Airport and Industrial Authority: $556,000 Cleanup for the Craig Field Gym Complex

  • East Alabama Regional Planning and Development Commission: $1,500,000 Community-wide Assessment

  • Gabriela Apartments, Inc., Selma: $1,274,500 Cleanup for the Old Baptist Hospital

  • City of Montgomery: $500,000 Community-wide Assessment

  • Northwest Alabama Council of Local Governments: $500,000 Community-wide Assessment

  • Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments: $1,500,000 Community-wide Assessment

Read more from the EPA on Alabama's awards by clicking here.

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