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About the Alabama Brownfields Association

The ALBFA is a non-profit advocacy and educational group formed to promote redevelopment of brownfield sites throughout the State of Alabama. The mission of the Association is to promote the redevelopment of underutilized brownfield properties throughout the State in an effort to improve the environment and stimulate economic development. As a strategic partner, the Association will assist both the public and private sectors in promoting economic revitalization, land reuse, conservation, restoration, remediation, financial and regulatory incentives, legislative advocacy and education. The Association’s primary purpose is to be a resource around the subject of brownfield redevelopment to assist with community outreach and education allowing the State, as a whole, to be a good steward of its real estate resources.  Almost every community in Alabama contains abandoned or underutilized brownfield properties that remain idle due to concerns about the presence or potential presence of adverse environmental conditions. The ALBFA brings together a diverse group of environmental, real estate, legal, and governmental professionals as well as community stakeholders that share the common goal of returning brownfield sites to beneficial use. We accomplish this by: 

  • Providing brownfield-related educational opportunities that address environmental, regulatory, health and restoration issues; public and private funding sources; legal considerations; real estate developer perspectives; and community involvement.

  • Creating networking opportunities for stakeholders to build relationships that lead to brownfield redevelopment projects.


  • Facilitating open lines of communication between private and public brownfield stakeholders to address actual or perceived regulatory and legislative roadblocks that impede redevelopment of brownfield sites.


The ALBFA will help foster a supportive legislative and regulatory environment, and to educate business, civic,
community and government leadership about the benefits of brownfields revitalization. Come and join us as we work together to restore communities and create opportunities.

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